The Connector’s 5 Key Strategies for Building Relationships

The Connector’s 5

Key Strategies For Building Relationships

1. Be Strategic

Get in proximity with the person or people you want to connect with.

Research who they are and what their interests are before hand.

Have courage and introduce yourself. It would be even better to have someone they respect introduce you to them.

2. Make A Strong Connection

– Do everything you can to make the time you spend together memorable.

– Be extremely friendly and interested in them.

– Acknowledge them for reasons that others may not.

– Be creative.

3. Find Out What Is Important To Them

– It is critical for you to find out what they are currently working on that is most important to them.

– Discover what keeps them awake at night…it can be a problem or abig project they are developing.

4. Help Them Get It

– Ask…who their ideal contact is to further support them.

– Do whatever it takes to assist them in anyway.

– If you can close a gap for them or further something they arepassionate about, you will become a friend instantly.

5. Systematic Follow Up

– The consistency and frequency of your communication with them is critical.

– Create ways to systematically follow up with them in multiple ways; emails, telephone, by mail, and more.


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